Koratala & Puri: How They Handled The Mess?Koratala Siva and Puri Jagannadh both delivered unforgettable disasters of their careers in the form of Acharya and Liger. Buyers lost huge amounts on both films. Both the makers were under their radar to settle a percentage of the amount they lost on these films.

But there’s a hell lot of a difference in the way these two directors handled the issue.

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Koratala Siva, despite being not involved in the production of Acharya directly, still agreed to repay some amount to the buyers. He made sure none of the internal matters came out in the media and public. He handled it with full grace and dignity.

On the other hand, the issue between the Liger buyers and Puri Jagannadh is turning uglier by the day. Right from buyers threatening to do dharna in front of Puri’s office, RGV sharing screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation of distributors, to leaked audio recordings full of abusive language, everything is out in the open.

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As if that’s not enough, Puri filed a complaint at the police station against the buyers for threatening him.

Despite being in the industry for so many years, and facing so many failures, Puri still couldn’t manage this issue in a graceful manner. Compensating for the losses of buyers is not a new issue for Puri, he has faced such situations many times but still, Puri is behaving recklessly and creating a bad name for himself.

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Koratala, on the other hand, is much junior to Puri, but he handled the Acharya issue very maturely. This is the first time that he had to face such a situation and he ensured all the settlements were done behind closed doors without any hoopla.

Koratala Siva’s behavior is the same when he is in success or failure. That shows his class and the respect he has for the industry. The same can’t be said about Puri!