Koratala Siva NTR

NTR, after RRR, has experienced considerable confusion and a waiting period due to the director’s issues with ‘Acharya,’ but NTR firmly stood by the director Koratala.

Koratala went to the sets after clearing all his issues, fully focusing on Devara with the commitment to deliver something significant for NTR and make a strong comeback.

But now, to shock NTR for the second time, Koratala is disturbed once again with the legal issues of the Srimanthudu story. Novelist Sarath Chandra has filed a lawsuit against Siva Koratala, claiming that the director plagiarized the story from his novel.

Obviously, this will not only disturb Koratala but also concern NTR, who is fully dedicated to his attention on Devara.

In a way, this is the second shock to NTR from Koratala. Hopefully, he will deliver something memorable for all the trust NTR kept in him.