Mani Sharma gets a biggie at last

Music director Mani Sharma’s glory days are over long time ago but the music director still gets some plum projects now and then simply owning to his reputation. The music director has now got another big project now which is the upcoming film of Nandamuri Balakrishna. The actor and music director have in the past given many musical hits and one hopes this new film which gets launched on May 9 joins the list as well. Newcomer Satyadeva directs the film.

Coming back to Mani Sharma there are of course few directors like Chaitanya Dantuluri who still values the talent of the music director and extracts the best from him. In the current musical scenario in Telugu cinema which is becoming very routine and unexciting one wishes the veteran music composer to show some spark as well and bring in some freshness in the process. Can Satyadeva do a Chaitanya Dantuluri, we have to wait and see