Varun Tej Mister Movie,Varun Tej Mister Details,Varun Tej Mister Updates,Varun Tej Mister Shooting,Varun Tej Mister Gopi Mohan,Varun Tej Mister Srinu VaitlaEveryone associated with the Telugu Film Industry knows that there are differences between director Srinu Vaitla and writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan. In spite of the differences the trio had worked for Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’.

In a recent interview, writer Gopi Mohan accepted that the story of ‘Bruce Lee’ was basically not a suitable one. This isn’t the time to ponder upon the mistakes made while choosing the story. He also refrained from commenting on the fact that most of the scenes written by him were editied.

He acepted that he didn’t give his best for Ram Charan’s movie. The gap that was created between them didn’t allow to work in their original comfortable style. Currently he is working with Vaitla again for ‘Mister’. He says, ‘Mister’ is safe. Seems Gopi Mohan and Vaitla came to a reconciliation.