music director Telugu GossipHe is a senior music director and there is this senior director who is struggling recently. Together they delivered some chartbuster albums previously and they came back together for a film four years back.

The movie became a blockbuster and the music played a very vital role.

Now, the second part of the project is being made and the regular shoot is already on.

But the successful combination is not going to repeat. The director is in search of another Music Director.

This happened due to the music director’s tongue slip.

Apparently, he is known for talking without any frills, and this time, he said “Naa Paatalu lekapothe aa cinema ey na ***** ledhu”. This banter reached the director and he vowed not to work with him in the future.

This decision is a problem for both of them. They are struggling in their careers and this sequel project is a hope for a comeback. It is already the music director’s loss. We will have to see if the director will also repent.