Nikhil's-Shirtless-Picture,-Big-Competition-for-WhomNikhil Siddharth, one of those young heroes who made the most out of the pandemic leisure and entered into the wedlock with Dr Pallavi Varma is back to work and he has resumed the process of looking fitter and healthier for his role in his next movie.

This shirtless raw black and white photo, that he shared on his Twitter wall shows quite a promise about the role he must be playing in his next. Nikhil Siddharth captioned the picture, ‘RAW” and we completely agree that those six-pack abs were quite a transformation.

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It’s good to see him back after a brief gap he took right after his marriage devouring the festive food being the newly-wed at the time. Though Nikhil never looked on the weightier side, he certainly seems to have lost weight to look fitter than before, now.

The sequel ‘Karthikeya 2’ of his first blockbuster movie ‘Karthikeya’ is loading soon. The director of the prequel, Chandoo Mondeti is helming the prequel, as well.

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