Jr Ntr Simhadri Re-ReleaseNTR fans are all set to celebrate their idol’s birthday in a huge way with the re-release of his blockbuster hit, Simhadri. Reportedly, the film is getting the widest re-release for any Telugu film till now.

Fans put a lot of time, money, and effort into arranging and re-releasing a yesteryear blockbuster in theaters. It’s not a joke to restore the original film negatives, scan them at high dpi, do color gradation, convert them into 4K, and then book the theaters.

But such re-releases have witnessed some bitter incidents in the recent past. Fans turn theaters into stadiums during the screening of the yesteryear blockbusters. And in their over-enthusiasm, they vandalize and destroy the theater properties. Recently a section of fans tore the screen away during a re-release.

To avoid embarrassment from such unfortunate incidents, NTR fans have strictly asked all the fans not to force the theater management to give them lower-class seats, which are usually near the screens. They are making sure that the front rows remain empty and no one goes near the screens while the film is being screened.

We have to wait and see if this step helps in preventing the theater properties from getting damaged.

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