Chintalapudi-Srinivas-Naga-SusheelaIn an interesting turn of events, a police case was filed against Akkineni Nagarjuna’s sister Akkineni Naga Susheela.

A case was filed against Susheela and 12 others by one Chintalapudi Srinivas.

Srinivas claims that he was physically attacked by Susheela and 12 others. He filed a complaint at tyr Moinabad police station and the same was accepted by the department.

Incidentally, Srinivas had recently donated a piece of land to a trust. He claims that a few bouncers were sent to this area to create ruckus and he named Susheela and her son, hero Akkineni Sushanth, and others as the accused. He is pushing the police to lodge this as an SC/ST case.

It is established that there has been a long standing brawl between Naga Susheela and Srinivas in a land dispute. They’ve been at loggerheads for a while now.

Susheela had recently filed a complaint against Srinivas, saying he sold a piece of land belonging to her even without her consent.

Incidentally, Susheela and Srinivas were business partners for a while. They even funded four of Susheela’s son, Sushanth Akkineni’s films – Current, Adda, Kalidasu, and Aatadukundam Ra.

Now, the situation between the duo is so tense that they’re even filing SC/ST cases against each other.