RRR's Success Confusing Mega FansMega fans are cloud nine now, thanks to the blockbuster success of RRR as Ram Charan is receiving the appreciation of pan-India audience for his portrayal of Alluri Seetharama Raju. But as it appears, RRR’s success is leaving mega fans confused.

A few of mega fans now say that Ram Charan’s immediate next outing, Acharya should not release in other languages. “Ram Charan’s career graph has hit a new high with RRR. If Acharya doesn’t meet the expectations of other language audience, it will dampen Charan’s image. It is better if he comes back to entertain pan-India audience with Shankar’s RC15 which is better suited for the job.”

At the same time, a few other mega fans say “Acharya appears to be a film based on Hindu culture and the importance of temples. North Indian audience are in a spiritual trance now and Hindu-centric films like these will pull the Hindi audience to theatres. Charan’s RRR fame will further add to the prospects. It would be better if Acharya is indeed released in other languages.”

Well, it is evident that RRR‘s blockbuster success is leaving Mega fans confused as they analyze what is best for Ram Charan to do post RRR’s release. But as of now, Acharya unit hasn’t announce pan-India release plan. If the makers look to make the most of Charan’s RRR fame, they might go for the same.