Ram Charan Best Performance RRR MovieRam Charan has come out all guns blazing, literally, as he has stumped everyone with his intense and aggressive act in RRR. The way he has transformed for the character has left fans awestruck.

The intro itself was out of a world experience. There were no dialogues, and Charan had to do all the heavy lifting with his act. He was intense, raw and brutal like never before and became part of an entry that will be etched in people’s memory for a long time.

And it wasn’t just the intro, Ram Charan’s character arc and design were wonderfully done by Rajamouli. It exploits the strengths of the star and also elevates him from time to time.

Jr NTR is a terrific actor, to then match up to him and go toe and toe with ease and confidence shows the hidden potential of Charan. It doesn’t come as a surprise that its Rajamouli who is helming the affairs. He makes the best use of the stars, and it’s seen clearly in RRR.

The last half an hour is where the mass elevation of Charan’s character in RRR comes to the fore. The fact that despite the whole getup getting revealed in the trailer, Charan still managed to evoke hysterical reactions should highlight his screen presence, and acting prowess. Imagine, if it came as a surprise?

With a film under Koratala Siva, Shankar and Gowtam Tinnanuri (Jersey fame), Charan has an impeccable lineup ahead. They have the potential to be both commercial as well as critical success. In short, he is best-placed future releases wise to take advantage of the phenomenal RRR response.