Teaser Talk: Promising Rom-comThe teaser of SRK fame Kiran Abbavaram‘s ‘Sammathame‘ is out. The fun-filled love story is gearing up for release on June 24th.

The teaser reveals that the hero Kiran doesn’t believe in love before marriage. But he gets attracted to Chandini Chowdary as he can’t resist her charming ways and soon comes to a conclusion that he is in love with her.

The teaser is decently engaging, setting the right mood for a nice rom-com. Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary’s chemistry leaves a mark. The side characters raise some laughs. The dialogues are good, especially the Balayya one. Sekhar Chandra’s music adds good flavor to the overall feel of the movie.

The story is in the familiar zone, but such movies can surprise at the box office if the comedy and characterizations work out. The teaser looks promising, and it would be interesting to see if the director gets it right in the movie.

Kankanala Praveena under UG Productions produces Sammathame, which is the second outing from Kiran Abbavaram in 2022.