Telugu actress Sri Divya gets busy in Tamil

Sri Divya, who has starred in Telugu films such as Bus Stop and Mallela Theeram Lo Siri Malle Puvvu, has her hands full in Tamil with four projects. The young actress says she doesn’t give preference to any particular industry and is always keen on doing different films with lot of scope for acting.

She is currently working on Tamil films Kaatu Malli, Ragalapuram, Pencil and Veera Deera Sooran. While she plays a college student in one of her Tamil films, she is expected to play different roles in her other films. Says Divya that as long as she gets to essay different roles and doesn’t get stuck with similar roles, she is fine doing films in any language.

She also said that she is learning Tamil as quickly as possible because she doesn’t plan to dub in her own voice, but says it is important to learn the languages to at least lip sync for dialogues. She thinks lip sync is very important as audience look forward to it in films.