Telugu film industry never encourages Telugu heroines and it is proved again with Eesha despite her excellent action as Ananya in Antakumundu…Aaatarvata. She could develop fan following among the youngsters with her flaw-less action as Ananya in AMAT. Director of the movie Indragatni Mohana Krishna encourages Telugu girls in his films. Except Bhoomika in Maya Bazaar movie, one can find local heroines in his movies. Eesha’s perfection in the movie is not an accident.

She studied the script carefully and attended for the two-month long training programme to become Ananya for the movie. And her hard-work did give results at the box office. But it didn’t help her to get more offers immediately though Eesha expected pouring offers. Source says she met with a minor accident and taking rest to recover from leg injury. Eesha is also not in a hurry for offers as she was waiting for right scripts instead of accepting skin-show characters.