trivikram-srinivas-or-jr-ntr-who-gains-the-mostThe coming together of Trivikram and Tarak was anticipation among fans that has lasted for more than a decade. The star himself has said that he waited for twelve years for things to fall in place. Now that the movie is out, and winning the love of the fans, who have gained the most out of the combination?

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Director Trivikram was going through a golden spell at the box office for the past few years. Post Khaleja that released in 2010, he hasn’t had a failure even though there were continues films without a long break. But, all that changed with one film Agnyaathavaasi. People started to write him off.

Jr NTR’s journey has been quite the opposite. He had a dull phase in between the early years of the decade. It all changed for him post Temper, and since then he is raising the bar higher. So, the star joining Tivikram was a perfect culmination when seen from his perspective. There is nothing to lose for Tarak.

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It is Trivikram who had everything at stake and needed to prove his standing. He did exactly that and more with Aravinda Sametha. The star director went out of his comfort zone with the movie and delivered precisely what the fans of Tarak love. It is like striking two birds with a single shot. He scored where people least expected him to and also gave a fitting reply to detractors through a success.

When we, therefore, look at who gets the most out of Aravindha Sametha, the weight tilts in favour of Trivikram Srinivas. He did something new. Jr NTR, on the other hand, did what his fans expect from him and managed to satisfy them which itself is a great feat. But, unlike Trivikram it isn’t new for him. Of course, the star wouldn’t mind the director getting the benefit though, as it is the success that matters, all said and done.

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