Adipurush-USA-Box-OfficePrabhas’s mythological action epic Adipurush is set to open in theaters worldwide on the 16th of this month. The stakes are high on this mythological epic which is based on Ramayan.

Coming to the box office trends in the USA, Adipurush is showing positive signs right at the start.

The film is reporting decent occupancies for the early premieres (before 5 PM show time) which is a good sign.

Good interest for the early premieres means that there’s there consolidated interest for the film. If these shows are picking up, then there’s a good chance the later show times will see a better booking trend.

More shows will open up soon as the film heads for release next weekend and the forthcoming advance bookings trend will give a clearer idea of the picture.

Adipurush is based on the epic of Ramayan and it is aiming to open well not just in Telugu but also in Hindi, and possibly other languages as well.