Vijay Deverakonda Does No Balancing ActWho is your favorite hero? is one of the toughest questions the rising stars face. The moment they face the question, they are immediately confused because naming one star means that will automatically upset the fans of other stars.

So, we see them naming old stars like SVR to be on the safe side. In the current generation, at most, we hear Megastar Chiranjeevi’s name. Some are afraid even to take Chiranjeevi’s name. But Vijay Deverakonda has no such inhibitions and names Mahesh Babu as his favorite star in an interview.

He also named Pokiri along with Titanic his favorite film. “Mahesh has been my favorite hero for a really long time now. I was spellbound by his performance in Murari. Back then, there are no internet bookings, I used to stand in long queues for hours together to get tickets for his film,” Vijay Deverakonda said.

It’s good that Vijay did not go into calculation mode and give diplomatic answers. The Liger star named Alia Bhatt as his favorite heroine.