Skanda Chandramukhi 2 Peddha KapuThe period of September 28 to October 2 was a golden period to release films this year. From Ganesh Visarjan Day to Gandhi Jayanthi, this period consisted of many holidays including weekend, making it the best date for any biggie to release. Salaar was supposed to come on this date and wreak havoc at the box office.

But due to reasons unknown, the film got postponed to Christmas. Due to this reshuffle, three films, Skanda, Peddha Kapu, and Chandramukhi 2 arrived on this date to reap the big weekend advantage.

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People had high expectations from Boyapati Sreenu and Ram Pothineni’s Skanda when it was announced. But the songs and trailer didn’t justify the hype and the film’s buzz didn’t reach the level it should have.

Though the film received career-best openings for Ram, it was still below par. The second business showed a drastic fall, and the weekend business also just turned out to be okay. It is a mammoth task for Skanda from here to reach the break-even mark, unless some miraculous turnaround happens.

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There were not many expectations from Srikanth Addala’s Peddha Kapu 1, but the teaser and trailer gave an impression of a well-made film. Addala’s filmmaking was honest but hollow. His writing was clearly at fault. The film received a disastrous opening and sealed its fate on the opening day itself.

Though P Vasu’s style of filmmaking has passed its expiry date long back, there was some curiosity for Chandramukhi 2 due to its brand value. But as expected from the trailer, the film turned out to be a spoof rather than a sequel. Outdated direction, bland screenplay, and hammy performances gave a nightmarish experience to the audience.

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One film that benefitted even in Telugu states, because of the flop performance of the above films was Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan. The film’s Hindi version did tremendous business in Telugu states despite being in its fourth week.