West Indies beckons 'Rey'
Actor Sai Dharam Tej can finally breathe a sigh of relief because his much delayed film is finally getting ready for release on May 9. Another good news is that it is the first Telugu film to be released in the Caribbean, West Indies. It will be dubbed in a regional language and will be released there simultaneously with its worldwide release. Director-producer Y.V.S Chowdary will also have a special premiere there for the audience in that country.

Chowdary says the film has a solid reason to be released in West Indies as the hero in the film belongs to an Indian family that settle there many years ago when they were taken by British for sugarcane farming. Since most of the film was shot in the Caribbean, Chowdary thought it would make sense to release the film there as well.

The big question is whether will this move work in favour of the film? Because we are not talking about a big film but one featuring a newcomer. Therefore, the chances of it clicking at the box-office is very low. “Rey”, which was originally supposed to release last year, also features Shraddha Das and Saiyami Kher in important roles.