YS_Avinash_ReddyYS Avinash Reddy’s case has become a hot topic across the country. YSR Congress ecosystem is trying its level best to save Avinash from arrest.

The whole country has seen how the Government did not allow the Police to cooperate with the CBI in arresting the MP. YSR Congress cadres openly gave threats to the CBI if Avinash is arrested.

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The issue has become a sensation and the media has given extensive coverage about the brazen misuse of power in saving the MP.

Criticizing the media for showing the facts, the Blue media supporting YSRCP is upset.

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They even have the audacity to say why a voter in Srikakulam will be interested in something happening in Kurnool, all they care about is what they get in their bank account.

Why did the Kargil war that happened in Kashmir have an impact on the 1999 elections in the South? Why did the ‘40% Commission Sarkar’ campaign end Bommai Government in Karnataka recently?

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In the end, people get what they want but still, the incidents impacted.

If an election is all about only what a voter gets. The Congress Government in India after Independence would never change.

People are socially cautious. It’s not just what they get, they are always cautious about what is happening around them.

Drunk on power, Ruling parties and their supporting media would think they could get away with everything as they believe it’s just about distributing money.

Blue media does more harm than good to Jagan by keeping him in an imaginary world that distributing money is enough.