BRS Working President K Taraka Ramarao reportedly spoke to the media in Delhi and made some key comments about the recent AP election results.

“AP results surprised. It is really surprising Jagan who gave so many schemes to the poor lost. Even after that, Jagan getting 40% Vote Share is amazing. The results would have been different if Janasena contested alone. Even someone like Kethireddy who is always in the people lost,” KTR said.

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It is an open secret that Jagan and KCR are close friends.

We have seen KCR working for Jagan in 2019 elections in the name of Return Gift to KCR.

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After the elections, we saw KCR and KTR saying Jagan Mohan Reddy was winning Andhra Pradesh. They shared the humiliation of Jagan too after the results.

Now, these comments by KTR.

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BRS cadre got shaken when Chandrababu Naidu got a grand welcome in Hyderabad. They are trying to instigate sentiment in the people of Chandrababu Naidu coming back to Telangana.

We have seen them politicizing even the meeting of both the Chief Ministers.

While the cadre can not tolerate Chandrababu Naidu coming to Hyderabad, there is that party’s Working President who passes comments about AP Politics that concern nothing to him or his party.

Meanwhile, there is criticism on KTR for these comments even from Telangana.

“Even after more than six months of Telangana elections, we have KCR and KTR clueless about why they lost the election. No wonder they do not understand why Jagan lost in Andhra Pradesh,” they are criticizing.