CBN & Pawan Kalyan Can't Ignore Pigmy BJPIt looks like it is almost certain that TDP and Janasena will contest together in 2024 elections. The only question is whether BJP will join them or not.

Janasena and TDP are not happy with the way how the Central Government is hobnobing with Jagan Mohan Reddy. BJP is a miniscule in AP Politics and is burden to any party.

But then, both TDP and Janasena are keen on accommodating BJP because they feel it is the only way to stop the election arson that will be unleashed by YSR Congress.

Central Election Commission is in the control of Union Government. We have seen how it turned a blind eye to the ruling party’s rigging in Tirupati By-election. For this reason, Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan want BJP on their side.

BJP is daydreaming right now riding on the back-to-back electoral successes in the North. Even though it barely has anything in Andhra Pradesh, it will definitely place big demands. It has to be seen how TDP and Janasena will tolerate that.