Boinapally Vinod Kumar

Recently, BRS senior leader and Karimnagar MP candidate, Boinapally Vinod Kumar, criticized Chandrababu Naidu, suggesting that if Naidu wins in Andhra Pradesh, he might consider making Hyderabad a joint capital with his ally.

Not only Vinod Kumar but other BRS leaders like KCR, KTR, and Harish Rao are echoing similar sentiments. They’re trying to fuel fears about extending Hyderabad’s joint capital status for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. However, this tactic isn’t gaining much traction.

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According to the AP Reorganisation Act 2014, the joint capital status for Hyderabad will expire by June 2. BRS is exploiting this deadline to sway voters in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

But the reality is that people have moved on. There’s little interest or concern about this issue anymore. No one is actively pushing for Hyderabad to remain a common capital.

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Despite this, BRS leaders continue to harp on this issue, hoping to sway voters.

However, it’s clear that this sentiment doesn’t resonate with the public. It’s become more of a casual political talking point that nobody takes seriously.

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