Bopparaju VenkateswarluAndhra Pradesh government employees have a sorry story to tell when asked about salaries. The lack of prompt disbursal of salaries for the government employees has been one of the primary complaints against the YCP government

Now, Joint Action Committee chief Bopparaju Venkateswarulu has made a striking and thought-provoking comment in this context.

“The situation in Andhra Pradesh is such that no one knows if they will get their salaries on time or if they will ever get their salaries. The government doesn’t even answer us when asked what they’re doing with our salary money and PF money.” Bopparaju stated.

The JAC chief added that he doesn’t know if the employees will ever receive their salaries under the current government.

Bopparaju went on to claim that the Telangana government is taking very good care of the government employees but the AP government is in complete contrast with its hostile method of operation.