Flash: Murugadoss Shuts The TrollsDirector AR Murugadoss and Sarkar is the most buzzing and trending topic among the Southern movie lovers at present. The issue of story and its copy and the film starring a top star Vijay is giving it an enormous buzz.

Earlier in the day, it was confirmed by a section of media that AR Murugadoss has agreed to share credit to the writer who accused him of copying his story. It immediately led to many trolls online that the integrity of AR Murugadoss has been compromised as he signed a document giving credit to the writer for the original story.

However, Murugadoss has now come out with a video and written letter whereby it implies that the star director has merely acknowledged Varun Rajendran for having the same idea. It will be the credit that Varun would be given in the movie. The sly encouragement from the senior director couldn’t be missed by anyone. Take a look at the latter below. Do you really think Murugadoss has been genuine there? Flash: Murugadoss Shuts The Trolls