Go_Back_CM_SirThe chief minister of AP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy faced a big jolt of sorts as there were multiple “Go Back CM Sir” posters at the Andhra University premises.

The posters were seen at Jagadamba, Maddilapalem, Siripuram, and other key areas.

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There were also “Build The Capital in Amaravati posters” that were widely seen in the said areas. These posters have become a hot topic now. Especially the ones at Andhra University have caught everyone’s attention.

The local YCP leaders removed the posters as they’re against the interests of the ruling party and their CM, Jagan.

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The Andhra University officials complained at the police station, saying acts like these can tamper the peace inside the university.

With Jagan planning to start administration from Vizag soon, these go back CM and “build Amaravati” posters should irk Jagan’s men to a great extent.

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