The other day, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy dropped the first signal of distress in this election.

Speaking at a Public rally in Machilipatnam, he said, “I am worried if the elections will happen free and fair. They are stopping money. They are changing officials at their whims and fancies. All this is to just to stop me”.

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Usually, Political Experts perceive these as weak statements made in distress.

This statement reminds Chandrababu of 2019.

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The visuals are still fresh in the minds. Chandrababu went to the office of the then Election Commission, Gopalakrishna Dwivedi, and fired on him for arbitrarily changing the officials.

People got the impression that Chandrababu was getting suffocated in a tough battle and from there, it was all downhill for the Telugu Desam Party.

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Jagan gave a similar statement. Interestingly, this is the first weak statement from Jagan Mohan Reddy after the 2019 victory.

He won every election by brute force. Even when YSR Congress lost the MLC election, Jagan did not speak about it and Sajjala had the audacity to say our voters are different.

This is a clear indication that Jagan is getting suffocated by the poor response to the manifesto and the attack of the Opposition using the Land Titling Act.

But the fact is that what Chandrababu underwent then is much more severe than what Jagan faced today.

The EC did not change the Chief Secretary even after the deliberate failure in pension distribution. He is in office even today.

They did not change the DGP even after the security failure at the Prime Minister’s Palnadu meeting. The DGP was changed only at the last minute. The Jagan-appointed Intelligence Chief and the CID chief were not changed even today.

Back then, the Central Government helped Jagan by changing all key officials and troubling Naidu in all possible ways.