Finally, BRS announced its first list of candidates ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The candidates were announced for Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Khammam and Mahbubabad constituencies.

As expected, B. Vinodh Kumar got the Karimnagar ticket. He will be contesting against the sitting BJP MP Bandi Sanjay.

It is already known that Peddaplli’s sitting MP Venkatesh Netha shifted from BRS to Congress last month. Thus, the constituency’s ticket went to former Dharmapuri MLA, Koppula Eshwar.

Senior leader Nama Nageshwar Rao got the Khammam ticket and Maloth Kavitha secured the Mahbubabad ticket. Both of them are sitting MPs from their respective constituencies.

Three of the four announced candidates contested in the 2019 elections as well. Thus, BRS repeated its tradition of handing over tickets to old candidates once again.

The same strategy backfired in the Assembly elections. We have to see if KCR succeeds in his tactics this time.