Telangana elections are two weeks away and the leaders are trying their level best to impress the voters.

While KCR is on a whirlwind tour crisscrossing the state with multiple public meetings, KTR is giving interviews and conducting roadshows, especially in Hyderabad targeting the urban voters especially those in the GHMC area.

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Telugu Desam Party withdrew from the elections in Telangana. Chandrababu who aggressively campaigned here in 2018 got totally silent depriving any chance of KCR using Telangana sentiment.

But then, the Chandrababu factor is still relevant in this election and it appears to be against BRS, and that too KTR has himself to blame for it.

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When protests broke out in Hyderabad after the arrest, KTR made certain comments that appeared insensitive in that heat. Later he quickly retreated from those comments and did damage control but it has impacted settlers so much.

From then, political experts are saying that sentiment of settlers and Kamma community is clearly against BRS and in favor of the Congress.

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Ever since the election campaign, KTR has not lost any opportunity to pacify them saying that they respect Chandrababu Naidu and he has cordial relations with Lokesh.

We have seen him support Lokesh when the latter expressed doubts about Chandrababu’s health in the jail.

He even said Lokesh is like his younger brother and they are always in touch.

The IT Minister’s interview with ABN Radhakrishna clearly hints he is desperate for damage control.

Keeping aside what happens in Telangana, it is clear that Telangana Intelligence gave reports to the governments about sympathy in favor of Chandrababu Naidu in the settlers.

If this is the case with settlers residing in Hyderabad, the sympathy factor will be much more visible in the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Probably, this should be a warning sign for Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh.