Nara Lokesh Yuva Galam Padayatra In JammalamaduguNara Lokesh resumed his Yuvagalam Padayatra after a four-day break for Mahanadu. He resumed Padayatra in Jammalamadugu constituency of Kadapa district.

Kadapa is CM Jagan’s own district and unarguably the strongest for YSR Congress. Moreover, Jammalamadugu constituency is the bastion of the Reddy community.

There is a leadership crisis for TDP in this constituency. Over the years, Adinarayana Reddy and Rama Subba Reddy fought each other. Adinarayana Reddy elected on YSRCP ticket defected to TDP after 2014 elections and became a Minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s cabinet.

Despite both the strong men being in TDP, the party lost the constituency in 2019 elections.

After 2019 elections, Adinarayana Reddy joined BJP and Rama Subba Reddy went into YSR Congress to become an MLC.

TDP is still struggling to pick a candidate in the constituency but has its options.

Amid this crisis and uncertainity, Lokesh undertook Padayatra in the constituency. But the response has been thumping. People voluntarily thronged to the Padayatra in big numbers.

The Public meeting in Jammalamadugu center resembled a Tsunami of people with roads jampacked to the distance human eye can see. The pictures are scary for the ruling party because TDP does not even have an incharge here.

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