The recent electoral triumph in Telangana has breathed new life into the Congress party. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are expected to witness a fierce contest primarily between the national heavyweights, Congress and BJP. The regional dynamics reveal a potential sidelining of BRS as a regional party.

The assembly election results, contrary to expectations for both Congress and BJP, suggest a reevaluation of their strategies, especially in constituencies like Amberpet, Khairatabad, and Sanathnagar in Hyderabad.

Scrutiny of key constituencies reveals intriguing statistics. In Amberpet and Sanatnagar, BJP secured the second position with 34.28% and 23.75% votes, respectively.

Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Malkajgiri, and Chevella – are set for a fierce contest between Congress and BJP. With BJP candidates securing second positions in critical areas like Amberpet and Sanatnagar, the battle for these key seats promises to be closely contested.

Moreover, the composition of the Chevella Lok Sabha constituency, which holds seven legislative constituencies, reflects an interesting dynamic. While BRS had consistently secured seats in the past, Congress emerged victorious in Vikarabad, Tandur, and Parigi in the recent assembly elections, suggesting a potential shift.

Hyderabad’s political landscape has set the stage for a gripping showdown in the 2024 elections, with Congress resurging, BJP gaining ground, and the regional party facing potential challenges.