The TVR Ratings war between TV9 and NTV lasted for years. NTV always had an upper hand over TV9. It had occupied the Number One position for most of the time in the last three years or so pushing TV9 into second position.

The difference in ratings are also high.

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TV9 was leaning towards BRS – YSR Congress and the favoritsm is clearly seen. NTV also had similar leaning but there is a small balance to show it as neutral. That approach helped NTV a bit.

But the complexion of the game is changing during the elections.

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There is a surge in the ratings of TV9 during the election time for its sensationlism.

Hence, there is a lead for TV9 in the ratings during the elections time.

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It happened during Telangana elections and is happening during Andhra elections as well.

Another important aspect is the Big leaders prefering TV9 over NTV.

During Telangana elections, KTR gave a special interview to TV9 and NTV. But there is no visibility to NTV’s interview.

Recently, KCR gave to an exclusive interview to TV9 but not NTV.

TV9 Rajinikanth is the panel of Five Editors that interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rajinikanth is the major difference between NTV and TV9. NTV lacks an editor of that stature to conduct such interviews.

Even ABN’s interview with KTR got good traction because of Radhakrishna doing the honor.

To address the issue, NTV tried projecting its Chairman Narendra Chowdary with a program called ‘Chairman Desk’ akin to Radhakrishna’s Weekend Comment but the program failed.

NTV should act immediately and find a remedy to bridge the gap.