Modi Continue To Play Politics With APPrime Minister Narendra Modi often blames Congress for unscientific bifurcation. But if Congress is bad with respect to the bifurcation, BJP is worse with its apathy towards the issues concerning both the states afterward. An example of it is in the answer given by Union Home Ministry in Parliament today.

The distribution of assets between AP and Telangana states is not yet complete, the Union Home Ministry said. Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nithyananda Rai answered a question posed by BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao in the Rajya Sabha. He said there was no reconciliation between AP and Telangana over some assets.

The Minister also clarified that the division of assets would take place by consensus. The Union Minister said that 26 meetings have already been held in this regard. Nowhere in the World, we see wo brothers reconcile or come to a consensus over the division of assets. But BJP tries to play cat on the wall by delaying the division of the assets considering its political interests in Telangana.

Andhra Pradesh is losing due to the delay as most of these assets are in Telangana and AP is depriving of those assets due to the delay in the division.