A couple of days back, Nagbabu raked up a huge controversy as he shared a tweet that many believed, took an indirect dig at Allu Arjun. The content of this tweet is such that “Those who are by our side but ally with our rivals are our enemies”. This came right after Allu Arjun campaigned for Silpa Ravi in Nandhyal.

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Then came the intense targeting done by Allu Arjun’s fans on Nagababu. This reached a point where Nagababu had to deactivate his Twitter account for the time being.

Cut to now, Nagababu is back on Twitter and he has provided an update of sorts on the controversial tweet. “I have deleted my tweet” Nagababu tweeted a short while ago. He deleted the earlier tweet about enemies and allies that had struck Allu Arjun’s fans in the wrong place.

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Nagababu took the wrath of Allu Arjun’s fans over the last few days and he appears to be on the track of warding off the same with his evasive action now. Perhaps Nagababu wasn’t expecting that tweet to blow up the way it did and as a result, had to take defensive action.

While the tweet might have caused a spur in the mega fan community, it could all end well on the 4th of June if the alliance comes to power.

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