Nandamuri Suhasini

Nandamuri Suhasini’s recent meeting with Chief Minister Revanth Reddy grabbed everyone’s attention. Immediately, rumours started spreading about Suhasini’s potential entry into Congress.

Even though Suhasini denied rumours, it is strongly heard that she may join the congress soon. Currently, she is working as the Vice-President of Telangana TDP.

According to the sources, Suhasini’s entry to the Congress will be a master plan by Revanth Reddy. Congress is aiming to win 14-15 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. As of now, candidates for four constituencies are left to be announced. Khammam is one of those constituencies.

If the latest reports are anything to go by, he is planning to contest Suhasini from Khammam, which has a strong TDP vote base.

If Suhasini contests from Khammam, Congress will be able to get TDP votes as well. In that way, Revanth can grab TDP votes from the region without even allying with the party. Sources claim that Suhasini may enter Congress very soon and grab Khammam’s ticket.