Lokesh-Speech-Blue-MediaNara Lokesh is completing his Yuvagalam Padayatra in Rayalaseema on the 11th of this month. Lokesh unveiled the ‘Mission Rayalaseema’ document that envisages TDP’s role in the development of the area after coming to power in the next elections.

Mission Rayalaseema is a well-crafted document regarding water, industries, horticulture, sports university, etc. Lokesh requested the people of Rayalaseema to give TDP an overwhelming number of seats as they did for the YSR Congress in 2019.

Blue media seems to be taken back by the document and is now trying to pluck hairs on Egg as they say.

“Lokesh clearly is saying to people that he will only develop the areas that vote for TDP. He is blackmailing that he will neglect the remaining areas. They will develop Rayalaseema only if they give seats on par with YSR Congress in 2019. A leader who blackmails people so badly can turn worse when he comes to power. People should teach such leaders a lesson,” they say.

It is quite common for any leader to ask voters for an overwhelming number of seats by making certain promises. Ignoring the merits of ‘Mission Rayalaseema’, they are trying to pluck hair on eggs by saying some rubbish.

If the people of Rayalaseema should teach Lokesh a lesson for that comment, what should the people of Amaravati do to Jagan for what he did? The people of Amaravati voted for YSR Congress overwhelmingly despite knowing that their real interests and their future lies in TDP.

Jagan killed their aspirations and the future of Amaravati in broad daylight.

If Lokesh should be taught a lesson just for one comment, what should the people of Amaravati do to Jagan for that cheating?

Keep Amaravati aside, Jagan could not even give drip irrigation equipment to Horticulture crops on subsidy. This is something so basic for farmers in Rayalaseema. What should they do to Jagan for cheating after giving 49 out of 52 seats in their area?

Blue media should come up with a counter document to Mission Rayalaseema. They should say how that document is bad for the people of the area or how YSR Congress will do better than that instead of making silly arguments.