NAra-Lokesh-KadapaNara Lokesh started his Yuvagalam Padayatra from Kuppam in Rayalaseema. Everyone was surprised as Lokesh chose to begin his yatra from Rayalaseema, where YSR Congress is relatively strong.

But Lokesh embarked on the mission to strengthen TDP there and he is getting extraordinary responses in every constituency. The Padyatra is currently going on in the Kadapa district.

Now, Lokesh came up with another idea. He is going to release the ‘Rayalaseema Plan’ on the 7th of this month in Kadapa.

The plan outlines all the problems that came to the notice of Lokesh in his Padayatra and how they will be addressed when TDP comes to power. A declaration will be released on the changes that should be brought in Agriculture, Cultivation, Drinking water, industries, and horticulture crops.

This ‘Rayalaseema plan’ will be released at a big public meeting in Kadapa.

Rayalaseema is a shocker in the 2019 elections for Telugu Desam Party. Out of the total 52 constituencies in the area, the Cycle party managed to win only three. One is of Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu himself and the other is Balakrishna.

So, Lokesh is focused on reviving the party there in the coming elections.