Nara Lokesh KTRA short while ago, BRS main man KTR commented that CBN’s arrest is a topic solely related to AP and suggested that people should only protest in AP and not in Telangana. He even said Lokesh called him and asked why the protests aren’t permitted and he replied he didn’t want law and order issue in Telangana.

When asked about KTR’s version of the arrest and the whole development, Lokesh had a very mature and calculated response.

“There is no law and order issue whatsoever. Not just Telugu people in AP and Telangana but Europe, USA, and other parts of the world have stepped out to protest the arrest of their leader, CBN. There was no issue to law and order. What’s happening in AP is insane and it needs to be condemned by Telugu people all over the world. I wonder why some people are stressing about it” Lokesh said.

Lokesh added that it was a clear order from Chandrababu not to damage any public or private properties through these protests and TDP abides by the same to the fullest even today.