Nara LokeshFee reimbursement is one of the burning topics in Andhra Pradesh now as beneficiary students are having to pay fees from their own pocket, as opposed to the previous norm of government taking care of the same.

Lokesh, who is currently in Chandragiri on 31st day of Padayatra, was asked about the fee reimbursement issue by a student and he had an educated and informed response to the same.

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“I understand the problem you’re facing. These Vidya Deevena and Vasathi deevena schemes by YCP are outright scrap. The government gives you Rs 10,000 but the actual tuition and other fees add up to a whole lot more. You have to pay lakhs to get hall tickets to write the exams” Lokesh said.

Lokesh pointed out that the norm was for the state government to take care of the financials of beneficiaries. “State government and institutions would deal with the reimbursement while students could happily prepare and write exams. But that’s not the case now. The Rs 10,000 scheme is shambles”.

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Lokesh went on to promise that the TDP government will bring back the fee reimbursement scheme as in the old days.

Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Yatra is aimed at the youth, and now, he has addressed the burning topic amongst students – fee reimbursement with on point analysis. His statement drew a rousing response from the students in the arena today.

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Below is another video from ‘Hello Lokesh’ event with students that’s still going viral on social media and WhatsApp.