The India Today and C-Voter survey has provided insights into the political dynamics of the upcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. According to the survey results, TDP is projected to have a favorable position in Andhra Pradesh, with expectations of winning more than 15 parliamentary seats. In contrast, the survey indicates a competitive scenario in Telangana, particularly between the BRS party and Congress.

The survey results for Andhra Pradesh suggest that TDP is anticipated to secure a significant number of parliamentary seats. Meanwhile, in Telangana, the survey predicts a close contest between BRS and Congress, with Congress having a slight edge.

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According to the C-Voter survey:

Congress is predicted to win 7 parliamentary seats.
BRS is projected to win 5 parliamentary seats.
BJP is expected to secure 4 parliamentary seats.
MIM is anticipated to win the Hyderabad parliamentary seat.
The survey further outlines the projected vote share for the parties in Telangana:

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Congress: 38%
BRS: 32%
BJP: 23%

The survey also suggests changes in vote share compared to the 2019 elections:

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BRS is expected to experience a decline of 10% in its vote share.
Congress is projected to increase its vote share by 10%. BJP is expected to increase its vote share by 4%. These survey results provide insights into the potential outcomes of the upcoming general elections in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.