Tammineni SitaramIt is rumored that key leaders in Uttar Andhra have slim chances of receiving party tickets in the upcoming elections. Jagan has decided to replace Speaker Tammineni Sitaram, particularly in Amdalavalasa of Srikakulam district, with a new candidate. Although the alternate candidate has been identified, the name has not yet been revealed.

Even though MLA Reddy Shanti’s name is being mentioned again for Patapatnam, there is strong opposition against her among the people and within the ranks of the YCP. When she participated in the program ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Govardana,’ there was a surge of intense anger against her in the villages. However, it is known that Jagan is questioning who the alternative candidate should be to replace her.

To defeat TDP senior leader Ayyannapatrudu in Narsipatnam, there are rumors that Jagan is planning to replace the current MLA Umashankar with a new candidate. Ayyanna’s brother, Sanyaasipaathrudu, is likely to receive the Narsipatnam YSRCP ticket. YSRCP leadership is considering fielding a woman candidate instead of Golla Baburao to compete against TDP women wing leader Vangalapudi Anita in Payakaraopet.

It is analyzed that if those who do not receive party tickets decide to enter the field as rebels and manage to capture 10-15 thousand votes, the official YCP candidates may face defeat. It is evident that if the votes are split, it will only benefit the opposition.