Janasena Pawan Kalyan Vishakapatnam Steel PlantJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has attended a Public meeting in Vishakapatnam and fired against the state government for not doing enough to stall the Privatization of the Steel Plant. He set a deadline of one week for the Ruling party to respond to the issue.

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He warned the ruling party of dire consequences if an all-party contingent is not announced in one week to go to Delhi and meet the Central Government opposing the Privatization. The deadline is going to lapse today and the ruling party did not even care a bit about that.

YSR Congress leaders and cadre are casually saying that Pawan Kalyan has this habit of doing so much of Hungama and then disappearing. They are ridiculing him saying that he will keep himself busy with film shootings and may have already forgotten the deadline.

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It is time for Pawan Kalyan to prove they are wrong. He should do something to prove that he is a serious politician and everything he says is not told without a purpose. If he remains silent, he would only make his followers susceptible to social media trolls and taunts by the Ruling Party leaders.

Another problem with this issue is that even if Pawan Kalyan becomes further critical of YSR Congress, it will bring the question of why he is not bothered about BJP which is actually responsible for the Privatization.

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