Pawan-Kalyan YSRCP-Blue-MediaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan had confirmed that he will go into the election with alliances. He also hinted that he can not be too rigid in seat-sharing and power-sharing because his prime ambition is to defeat YSR Congress.

For a long time, YSR Congress is very worried about facing a united opposition. Later, they thought Pawan Kalyan will be over-ambitious and demand more seats and even power-sharing.

Due to that, either the alliance will not happen or vote transfer will not happen or Janasena getting more seats can benefit YSR Congress. But slowly all the doors are closing.

At this juncture, the YSR Congress is so angry with Pawan Kalyan. Ever since Pawan Kalyan clarified his stance on power-sharing, we have seen YSRCP leaders, Sakshi, and the Blue media attacking the Janasenani like there is no tomorrow.

They even left Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh aside and are after Pawan Kalyan indicating their heartburn.

Blue media stooped to a new low they are churning out derogatory news about Pawan Kalyan.

Just imagine writing stories about Pawan Kalyan’s first wife who got divorced in 2017 and is leading a happy life in another marriage in another country.

Forget about Pawan Kalyan, they are not even sparing a poor woman and are intruding into her private space.

Going by this, it is more or less clear that Pawan Kalyan has to face the worst of witchhunts in the days to come.