YS-Jagan_Pawan-KalyanSpeaking at a public meeting yesterday, Jagan fired on Pawan Kalyan and hit him below the belt by speaking about his marriages and divorces. Today, Pawan has countered Jagan through his latest satirical tweet.

“I hope someone makes this film with our AP CM. He’s too innocent & naive. Only a small change is needed here: instead of ‘suitcase’ in his hand , put multiple ‘suitcase companies’ which facilitated money laundering for his ill-gotten wealth.” Pawan tweeted.

Pawan added a poster of Papam Pasivadu film to mock Jagan and used it to describe Jagan’s disproportionate assets.

“You don’t even have the right to utter the word ‘Class War’ with your ill-gotten wealth and the violence you unleash on people. I hope one day ‘Rayalaseema’ be freed from you and your group clutches. Please” Pawan added.

Pawan had been actively moving against Jagan and pushing for an alliance between all the major opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh. Now, he has started a social media war against Jagan. This is an interesting move in the build up for next elections which are less than a year from now.