Pawan Kalyan -Janasena Andhra Pradesh Property TaxIt looks like Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is going to finally activate his party which has been in hibernation mode ever since the Tirupati By-election. The leader will arrive at the party’s headquarters in Mangalagiri in a week or two.

We are told that he will discuss crucial issues like Taxes hike and the water wars between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the party leaders. Pawan Kalyan Fans who have been worried about Pawan Kalyan’s missing will be relieved.

But then, it may not be a good news totally. It is like out of sight means out of mind for the people in politics. Janasena has missed out crucial issues in these two months. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan will resume the shooting of his films in a week or two which means he will again get busy.

Probably, this Mangalagiri meeting is like marking attendance in politics before getting busy in films. This in and out politics will showcase Pawan Kalyan as not so serious politician.