Polling in Telangana is down to two weeks now. The candidates and leaders of the parties are sweating it out on the ground to impress the voters.

While BRS is striving hard to register a rare hat-trick, Congress is hopeful that ‘Change’ will bring them back to power in Telangana for the first time after the state formation.

While BRS’s campaign is focused more on development and welfare schemes, Revanth Reddy is taking it differently.

As like always with Revanth Reddy, his speeches are aggressive and are aimed mostly at targeting KCR and KTR.

Congress had announced a manifesto with Six Guarantees. But Revanth Reddy’s focus is less on that and more on the attacking mode.

Usually, such a strategy works when there is so much anti-incumbency. Revanth Reddy obviously believes that there is anti-incumbency on KCR after two terms.

But then, there are doubts if the aggression alone is enough to impress the educated voters who are in very high numbers and the neutrals.

If the anti-incumbency is not at the level of what Revanth wants, he is also wasting the opportunity to impress the people with the ‘Six Guarantees’.

Along with a section that enjoys this kind of aggression, there is also a section that stays away from too much aggression. So, Revanth better be careful.

We will get to see if Revanth is right or wrong when the Results will be out on December 3rd.

If Congress loses this election, it will be out of power for fifteen years on a trot.

In the past two elections, we have seen the Congress party struggle to keep its MLAs after the elections. It will become even more difficult if this election is also lost. This time even the old-time seniors are upset with the party with too much importance to a junior like Revanth Reddy.