Vivek Ramaswamy U.S. Presidential RaceWith the US elections becoming a contentious issue with Joe Biden unlikely to return to the White House, it looks like Indian contenders for the President’s post are emerging from the community. While it was Nikki Haley yesterday, another man who is all over the place is 37-year-old millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy.

He is being labeled as the ‘CEO of Anti-Woke Inc’ and is now doing test runs and fact-finding missions in the US state of Iowa. He has made himself acquainted with the well-heeled farmer community of Iowa and has made himself a staple of cable networks.

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He is testing if socially responsible investing has political currency with Republican politicians, business leaders, and farmers of Iowa for now. He, too, like a few of his contemporaries, talks of revitalizing the American spirit and bringing back a culture of merit into society.

Venkat Raghavan was born to Indian immigrant parents and vouches for all the good things that the US has provided him. He is reportedly worth $500 million, which the media reports say will easily fund his initial efforts to get into the race. Raghavan made millions by being a successful biotech entrepreneur and developing medicines, including five drugs that are FDA-approved.

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