The last five years were very hard for the Telugu Desam Party. Jagan showed a new wave of harrassment on the Opposition and troubled many TDP leaders. Even Chandrababu Naidu had to suffer in jail for more than 50 days.

Leaders like Chintamaneni Prabhakar, Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy, and Raghu Rama Krishna Reddy (Won on YSRCP Ticket but turned Rebel) suffered a lot.

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Jagan Government filed more than 60 cases on Chintamaneni and send him behind the bars. When Chintamaneni used to get bail on case and before he could come out, he used to be arrested in another case.

Nallamilli Rama Krishna Reddy struggled a lot in Anaparthy, a Reddy Bastion. He was cornered in many cases and financial issues when he refused to join YSR Congress. He stood his ground and leave TDP. Anaparthy seat went to the BJP and he had to leave electioneering and fight on the streets for the ticket.

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It is frustrating for him to do that despite all the hardwork but he has lucky at least at the end.

Here is the catch BJP is asking for Chintamaneni‘s Denduluru in exchange of Anaparthy. That means injustice to another Fighter.

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Raghu Rama Krishna Raju was elected on YSR Congress ticket but turned Rebel. He played the Opposition role to Jagan Mohan Reddy even before the TDP leadership was out of the 2019 defeat. He even suffered custodial torture and faced Sedition Case for defying Jagan.

He was refused his Narasapuram MP ticket again due to the BJP. He will now land in Undi where already two leaders are fighting for the ticket. Narasapuram was supposed to be an easy seat for RRR. All the Suffering did not get him the ticket.

Donnu Dora who worked hard in the ST-reserved seat where YSR Congress could not get the ticket. The seat went to the BJP.

Paritala Sriram expected Dharmavaram ticket but BJP‘s Satya Kumar Yadav was airdropped just before the Elections. Only relief for Sriram is his mother getting Raptadu Ticket.

Devineni Uma was also targeted so much by the present Government. He was also refused ticket but then, it was more about Uma‘s own attitude. However, he will be still disappointed for missing the ticket despite his loyalty and services to the party.

Everyone is aware of the compulsions and pressures on Chandrababu, it is important to do justice to the leaders who struck to the party in difficult times. If the feeling that Loyalty is of no use in politics, Politics will turn even worse.