TDP-ManifestoTelugu Desam Party troops and local leadership are greatly rejuvenated with the Mahanadu. TDP troops from all across the Telugu states landed at Rajahmundry to take part in Mahanadu.

Now, if we take a look at the larger scheme of things, it can be understood that TDP is implementing never before scale planning for the forthcoming elections.

For the first time in TDP’s history, the party announced the election manifesto 10 months before the actual election. The new pension scheme, financial support for farmers, 3 free gas cylinders per household per year, job creation for youth have all caught the attention.

The finalizing of candidates is happening internally already as Chandrababu and Lokesh have started to finalize the list of candidates for most areas. This is to let the leaders be more in control of their constituencies and prepare the ground for the election much in advance.

Apart from that, Chandrababu is actively involved with the alliances finalizing and seat sharing proposal. He met Pawan Kalyan a couple of times already and there are reports that a deal is in place for TDP to allot 30 seats for JanaSena in the alliance.

TDP is moving swiftly 10 months before the elections as the party leadership is energized by the MLC elections results, and the recent Mahanadu, while Lokesh’s Yuvagalam has gained mass momentum. This is never before level planning from the TDP in the build up for next election.