Pawan Kalyan

Janasena Party had allied with the BJP all of a sudden and decided to contest in the Telangana Assembly elections. The party is contesting in eight seats out of the 119 seats of Telangana Assembly.

Pawan Kalyan is a popular leader due to his film image in youth and so, he is often the center of attraction even in politics.

But this is not the case with the Telangana elections.

Big leaders – KCR, KTR, and Revanth Reddy are yet to respond about Pawan Kalyan leaving aside criticizing him or his party.

There is no criticism of the Janasena party or its candidates either.

The question is if this silence is good or bad for the Janasena Party.

People take a party seriously only when there is a buzz around it and its leader. If other parties or leaders criticize Janasena, that indicates they feel threatened by the party. If they do not do that, people will think otherwise.

But it looks like Pawan Kalyan is not too worried about it. Earlier this week, Pawan Kalyan attended a public meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and did not speak a word about KCR or Revanth Reddy. He only confined himself to praising Narendra Modi.

So, there is no retaliation. Also, other parties do not think Janasena can make an impact and so are not bothered about it.

There are people who think Pawan Kalyan wants his role to be limited in Telangana politics at this juncture.

Whichever party wins in this election has a good chance of interfering in the Andhra Pradesh elections in 2024. That is the most important election for Pawan Kalyan and he does not want to mess it up for trivial gains in Telangana.

But the question is in these special circumstances, if the ground campaign by the candidates is enough for Janasena to bag a seat or two.