BRS Working President K Taraka Ramarao addressed the media in Delhi and complained about the Congress Government encouraging defections from BRS.

He said the party would approach the Supreme Court on this issue and it would be an open-shut case in their favor.

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“We will also complain to the Election Commission and the President of India. Rahul Gandhi can not give speeches about the constitution in Delhi and encourage defections in Telangana violating the same constitution,” KTR said.

The Former Minister was encountered with some tough questions from the journalist.

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He was reminded about the defections during the previous KCR’s regime.

“You should know the difference between defections and merger. We took two-thirds of the MLAs and merged which is allowed as per the tenth schedule of the constitution,” KTR said. He even got impatient with some journalists who tried to find wrong with him.

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KTR and anyone in the BRS should stop talking about the defections.

Firstly, the concept of the merger of parties is wrongly misinterpreted during the KCR’s rule.

They introduced a new concept of merger of Legislative Parties. If there is a merger, the merged parties should cease to exist. But this is not the case with TDP or Congress. Also, you can not merge a National party like Congress by talking two-thirds of MLAs in one state.

Leaving aside technicalities, BRS is not ethically eligible to talk about Defections after what they did between 2014 and 2023.

The party would not get any sympathy from the people on this issue. People are saying ‘Karma is haunting BRS’.

Moreover, KTR also lost ground in criticizing Revanth Reddy if he merged BRSLP by taking two-thirds of MLAs from here.

There are thirty eight MLAs in the Telangana Assembly for the BRS. Revanth Reddy has to take twenty five MLAs to merge BRSLP into Congress LP as per the logic of KTR. Already, seven MLAs joined and eighteen to go.